Soft Graphite Felt

Product description:

Soft graphite felt is characterized by high flexibility and is easy to process. Its high geometric adaptability enables even the most complex shapes for insulating almost any system design to be implemented.

Graphite felt is used as heat preservation and heat insulation material for a single crystal silicon smelting furnace. In a non-oxidizing atmosphere, the operating temperature can reach about 3000°C.


1. High purity
2. High-temperature resistance
3. Corrosion resistance
4. Non-melting
5. Low thermal conductivity


1) Solar photovoltaic system
2) Semiconductor
3) Metallurgy
4) Optical fiber manufacturing
5) Glass processing
6) Ceramic industry
7) CZ single crystal furnace
8) DSS polycrystalline ingot furnace
9) Thermal hydrogenation reforming furnace

Soft graphite felt-向尚碳精

Soft graphite felt