The most professional graphite material manufacturer-Xiangshang Carbon Technology

Founded in 1978, HS CarbonTech is a leading provider of high-end graphite materials, and products in the fields of graphite composites formed graphite parts in Taiwan. Our business is based on integrity. We pride ourselves on consistently producing high-quality carbon products tailored to meet the most rigid customer specifications that our high-quality raw materials introduced from Germany, United States, and Japan.

HS CarbonTech continuously developed various graphite-related products with domestic and foreign research institutes and academic institutions, thus accumulated decades of considerable experience. We have in-depth knowledge of the exceptional properties of graphite in all its forms and we know how it behaves in a wide range of processes and in combination with other materials. HS CarbonTech products and processes are widely used in many different fields, such as machinery, chemistry, electron, semiconductor, mono-crystal silicon metallurgy, and electrical equipment. Depending on our core technology and self-developed ability that we created many different products which like, chemical-resistant resin impregnation, oxidation-resistant phosphate impregnation, and graphite injection molding products. Covering overall processing stages and monitor the entire value chain, which enables us to guarantee the particularly high and consistent quality of our materials.

HS CarbonTech is concentrated on material and spare no effort to enhance service. Relying on talents, insisting on market-oriented, and having a global perspective, we expect to build sustainable alliances with global partners and achieve mutual benefit, as well as a long-term cooperation. we wholeheartedly welcome your inquiry.